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“Basically so.” Zhang Yi said, “I am trying to decipher some of the information contained in the genes. Currently, I have already deciphered a little bit of it.”


If he was too forceful, she would instead become rebellious and go against him. That definitely wouldn’t be a good thing. Therefore, the best way was to drag this for as long as possible. Maybe after time went by, her feelings for this mysterious person would slowly fade, and she would become back to normal. After all, young girls were indeed unable to resist hero-like people. But after time passed, this hero syndrome would slowly fade. By that time, it would be easier to slowly convince her around.


Yes. Ling Xiaoyi went to finish the paperwork with the shop owner. Indeed, when the paperwork was done, Hong Dali pulled out the System to look. Current Squandering Value: 9.8 million.


Ah, I had a good sleep last night. Hahaha, sleeping is always the best! He got out of bed, washed up and got dressed. Then, Hong Dali rubbed his chin. Speaking of which, something important seemed to have happened last night. How come I cant seem to remember what it is?


“Oh…” Hong Dali opened the door and instructed the lackeys. “Everyone, hurry and gather. We’ll go out to squander after we eat. Hahaha!”


“His age is only 35 years old? What a joke.” While gathering information, she also filtered out stuff that she felt was wrong. “Those formidable experts who were already 35 were practically already well-known by everyone, how could it be that such a person only just appeared?” Sending a “the sender of this information is an idiot, no explanations required” reply to this post, she moved on to the next piece of information.

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He would increase little Bai Hechous lifespan first speaking of which, he could only add it in years, it could not be split any further into months


When he went up against Feiyun the last time, he knew that although he was an heir-to-be of a big family, against Galaxy Aristocrats and Honorary Aristocrats, he was still too weak!


“What?” Gate randomly picked up a piece of armor and felt it for a while. He was immediately shocked. “These gems are all top grade! The attributes they add are quite good.”


The name of the movie will be Big News Event. Hehe. Its simple. Hong Dali laughed. Just find some interesting news!


Their entire race only had 200,000 plus people. So, if their young women fell for someone outside their race…


Lan Ruoxi winked at Hong Weiguo with all her might, but Hong Weiguo was oblivious to it. After they finished their cigarette, Hong Weiguo asked, “Dali ah, you’re not young anymore. Shouldn’t you start planning for the future?”


“Young Master, I…” Levis was obviously dazed for a while. Then, he decisively took over the necklace and wore it on his neck. Speaking of which, he was indeed a very straightforward person. Since he had decided to protect Hong Dali, there naturally wasn’t a need to be polite. If he got stronger, many things would be more convenient to do too.



Thereafter, everyone went back to their rooms to put on their new equipment before returning. When he saw them, Hong Dali was stunned!



Of course, threats were nothing to the reporters. It was a good thing the reporters soon lost their interest in Hong Dali and rushed toward another target.


The technological advancements on Earth were improving very fast now. But just at this moment, the Zerg army was actually coming here!


Jiang Qianxue looked at Hong Dali and mentally compared him to the image of the super genius she had in her mind. She concluded that they were as different as Heaven and Earth. The difference was at least ten thousand light-years.

  • “Grape wine?” Mister Gate stroked his crescent moon-shaped beard and said, “It’s such a small bottle. It will be finished in one gulp. How else is there to drink it? It should be drunk with a bowl. A big bowl, so it’ll have enough kick!”
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