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Thats good, then, thats good. The Bureau Chief said, satisfied, I feel much better with your assurance. Next time, bring some people with you when you visit the virtual world. If they bring some technological theories and blueprints, we can research it ourselves too.


Just let me know if there is anything you like. Jiang Qianxue smiled and said, I have gotten a better understanding of my emotions with you by my side the past two days. I should be thankful to you. Besides, you are my only friend, its not too much to give you a gift, right?


“The problem is, they cannot kill me. I have no choice…” Actually, Hong Dali was quite bothered. If it was not because of that, he would be too lazy to run up to level thirty. It was really tiring.


Jiang Qianxue’s face was flushed red. She did not dare to look at Hong Dali. She was afraid she would not be able to take it if she looked at him. After all, this atmosphere was too weird…


Machine breakdown, assembly, and transformation: Use one hundred attribute points to unlock skill upgrade. Skill upgrade: One additional gem socket can be added for five million Galaxy Dollars to assembled perfect grade machines. Socket can be embedded with energy gems. After embedding, the attributes of the energy gems will be reduced to 80%. Stackable. Additional explanation: Funds spent on this will not be taken into the total squandered value. Next level: more sockets can be added and the percentage reduction of gem attributes will be reduced.


He was well aware of the ability of the White Beard Mister. Hong Dali aside, Ace was also an expert who passed level twenty-two. He was actually the White Beard Misters son as well.I better behave myself. I cannot afford to offend this family!

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If he continued, the Honorary Aristocrat was likely to end up dead. The crowd was so shocked that their hearts were in their throats. If the Honorary Aristocrat really died here, then


Tianyi always thought he was very smart. But facing Hong Dali, he didnt know what was going on.


You also passed level twenty-two? Hearing that, Tianyi became enthusiastic. Me too. Aiya, were the same. Haha. This must be fate. Shall we exchange some pointers later?


“Hehe, so-so, not bad.” Hong Dali rubbed his nose. “Where are my parents?”


Actually, gold-level Double Aristocrats wouldn’t be allocated Third Order Planet-level warriors as guards. However, Hong Dali was different—Yin Tianzong was naturally extra concerned about him.


I dont think that is necessary. A reminder would probably be useless. Yin Lieyang shook his head and said, He must know about the advancement assessment but yet chooses to do as he pleases. He must have his reasons. Forget it, lets just wait and see. Lets see what he manages to come up with when the time comes.


Aiya, Big Bro Dali, dont be so humble. Tianyi quickly cozied up to Hong Dali and smiled. Your shops are sure to profit. Why else would you sell one equipment a day like rubbish? Even if we are Honorary Aristocrats, that couldnt possibly support your squandering ways, right? Thats why you must have something else up your sleeves. How about you share it?



The Tower of Trials practically attracted everyone’s attention, countless people shared on what the saw and heard. Of course, the biggest topic was naturally the mystery man who broke through all thirty levels.



Previously, he only learned the external skills. As for the internal skills, he only learned a bit. This was because his strength wasn’t enough for him to learn the very deep and advanced internal energy skills previously.


There were already three to five passers-by standing in front of the shop that Hong Dali bought. They looked at the gems embedded armor in the shop and discussed among themselves


“Okay!” The man with the eagle eyes nodded without hesitation. “If I’m in a bad mood I can collect a couple of human heads.”

  • I shall not bother. The Bureau Chief took out a big pile of Dali beans, a few hundred of them. Use them as you wish. Even with your prodigal nature, they should last a few months.
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